Coughing up the coffee beans

Mmmm, what a lovely smell.. that hint of smokiness and clean fruit seems Costa Rican, the fragrant aroma and lively crispness must be Colombian, the sweetness and smoothness has a sense of Kenya about it and that whiff of body and complexity just has to be from Pacific Island Sulawesi-Kalossi.

These enchanting ingredients come together for the new Lippa Pearce Blend of coffee, presented to the consultancy by its coffee-grinding client Torz & Macatonia.

Lippa Pearce designed an identity for the new company (DW 27 January) on “a very tight budget indeed”, according to marketing manager Tim Corvin. Its compensation – a special coffee brand blended with the consultancy in mind – was circulated by Lippa Pearce instead of Easter eggs.

But it could backfire if the gift goes mainstream – the name Lippa Pearce might become associated with luscious coffee rather than with good design.

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