Bakin’ Boys are tripping the light Fabulous

The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys and design group FLB are cooking up a stink with their new launch, The Magic Muffin. It seems people are jumping to the conclusion that the baked good has hallucinogenic properties.

People are either ‘tripping’ over themselves to complain before sampling the muffin, which is baked with ginseng and guarana using grams not ounces, or reading the small print – ‘unsuitable for grumpy people’.

The fire was fuelled when FLB accidently sent a batch to a school. ‘They should only be sold to sensible, grown-up people like students and executives,’ explains FLB design head Pat Starke.

Perhaps, like their tobacco-based non-relations, the muffins are fine as long as you don’t swallow.

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