Creative’s resident Dr Evil turns over a new leaf

Creative Communications, the Surrey and London design consultancy claiming to have Dr Evil (of Austin Powers fame) among its staff ranks (DW 8 October 1999), has surpassed itself in the appointments stakes with the promotion of someone ‘who has renounced most worldly goods’ with the exception of his new G4, according to managing director Chris Quarton.

Bart Pagor, who was senior designer for four years, has been confirmed as creative director following the promotion of Greg Butler to head of studios last September.

But the group appears to have overcome possible problems caused by certain elements of Pagor’s alleged alternative lifestyle – ‘living in rustic simplicity in Albury near Guildford and occasionally being seen begging for scraps on the side of the A25’ – after he demonstrated ‘strong leadership and management skills’ during the past few months, says Quarton.

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