KSDP wins with Laureus identity

Strategic brand consultancy KSDP (UK) has designed the identity for the newly-launching Laureus Sports Awards, the first worldwide sports award contest.

The awards will be held for the first time in Monaco on 25 May in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Cartier. The consultancy was appointed a year ago.

KSDP has also designed two sub-brands for the event: those of The World Sports Academy, which is made up of former sports stars who judge the awards, and the Sport for Good Foundation, a charity to raise money for disadvantaged children.

In naming the awards scheme the consultancy took the Latin word for laurel in tribute to the sporting symbol for victory.

“The name makes reference to the use of the laurel wreath in films like Ben Hur, and contests like old Olympic marathons and motor racing.

“Sporting winners are often awarded the laurel wreath,” says KSDP account director Charles Perring.

Alongside the logotype will be a symbol of a victorious athlete, which is “based on a neutral male-female form with its hands up in celebration. It will itself become the form for the trophies, which are being sculptured by Cartier,” he adds.

The awards programme, lasting for four days, may migrate around the world to places synonymous with sporting events.

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