Foreign alliances are a positive asset to any business

Well done to Charlie Hoult and Loewy for their decision to hook up with a foreign partner – Iceland’s largest ad agency, Hvita Husid (DW 13 April). There is a huge amount to be said for aligning yourself with key players in other territories.

Globally, SiebertHead has healthy alliances and we find these both profitable and a positive asset to our business.

Hoult hit the nail on the head about the share value of British design abroad – ‘buying into’ a British company is seen as a smart move for overseas partners. For the UK design company, it’s a perfect foothold in another territory, offering the chance to work on projects that would not, otherwise, come their way. At least half the work we do is now outside the UK and we get so much value from our European design partners.

However, one thing you should be conscious of is that the culture and all aspects of both companies, such as client handling, are compatible. Remember, this has to be a fast track to greater success for both parties, not a slippery slope to losing clients.

Satkar Gidda, Director, SiebertHead, London EC1V

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