Modernism teaches us to strive for our ideals

The Modernism exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum depicts a time when artists, architects and designers had a strong influence to react to. Destruction was all around and, for the years preceding, the majority of research and development was war-related.

There was a need to re-construct and a desire to live in a war-free, utopian society. The work produced at this time founded constructive and aesthetic visions for the rest of the 20th century and to the present day.

But what has happened since? Today’s influences for creators are not so obvious. Changes in technology and our means advance, though political and ethical agendas creep forward with no great milestones.

What we can be reminded of, by this exhibition, is to have a utopian dream – to be optimistic and considerate in our use of technology, production and construction, and to make the world a better place. Can you fit that in your brief?

Jonathan Prestwich, London SE13

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