Williams Murray Hamm creates colourful brand for new beauty range

The consultancy has created Prismologie from the ground up, basing the brand on a spectrum of colours which reflect different “moods” that the beauty products aim to evoke.


Williams Murray Hamm has created the brand and identity for a new luxury beauty range.

Prismologie comprises a selection of body and face products that use various ingredients and gemstones, which aim to influence the user’s “mood”.

The consultancy has reflected these different states through a palette or “prism” of colours, forming the main focus of the brand design and its name.

Prismologie Pack Lineup

“We wanted to create a different, arresting brand that renewed the convention of the beautiful, white, cosmetic box, by throwing itself at it with colour,” says Garrick Hamm, creative director at Williams Murray Hamm. “It’s a body care range for the entire day, built around colour association and ingredients.”

Colours used include yellow, red, green, pink and indigo – which aim to evoke, respectively, confidence, passion, serenity, compassion and self-awareness. “There’s a product for every step of the way, from when you want to be invigorated and uplifted to seductive,” says Hamm.

The logo includes a prism-shaped “M”, which is to be used as a mnemonic for the brand’s social media channels. “The packaging is quite in your face, so the logo is very subtle,” says Hamm. “The typography is underplayed because the rest of the graphics are quite spikey.”

The consultancy also directed and produced a series of short “films” to accompany the new brand, which are complemented by music to suit each “mood”.

“The white film is all about pureness and cleanliness so is very dreamy and subtle,” says Hamm. “The red one is very much brash, electric guitar. They give the brand an extra voice – they’re not only visually bringing it to life, but audibly enhancing it, which you don’t get with a piece of packaging.”

Williams Murray Hamm worked directly with the founders of the beauty range, Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah, over the course of two years to create the brand. The consultancy created the name and concept, designed the packaging, website, print collateral and corporate identity, and directed the videos, with the aim of creating a “joined up” brand.

Prismologie will launch 12 May 2015 in 63 Space NK cosmetic stores throughout the UK.

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