Glazer fixes hospital literature

Glazer has completed the design work for a new corporate brochure for London client the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. The brochure goes to print next month as the first part of a revamp of the hospital’s communications strategy.

The group was appointed in May to carry out strategic work and develop design solutions. The hospital is non-profit-making and invests its profits in a number of charitable organisations.

“We looked at all aspects of the hospital – the needs of its constituent groups and its methods of communicating them. We discovered it was a microcosm of life and a compassionate place and we have tried to convey that in this first design project,” says Glazer communications strategist Isabel Collins.

Further down the line, Glazer will look to broaden and align the client’s communications platform. This will include additional literature and new brand names for hospital units, adds Collins.

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