Recognition of credentials will raise fee levels

I can agree with Tony Huggett’s comments (Letters, DW 7 August), but I worry about a design director who thinks that “design is something we can all have a go at”.

Surely the reason why solicitors, accountants and the like are able to justify their fees and their existence so well is that they are experts. I can get a form to make my own will at WH Smith, but it doesn’t make me a lawyer.

Design consultancies are now branching out and offering a more integrated and strategic communication service, knowing full well that design is the instrument for the message. It is this level of expertise which should command higher fees and greater respect.

Accreditation is one way of establishing a level of excellence and organisations like the Chartered Society of Designers are working hard to promote the benefits of membership.

Clients feel reassured when employing qualified and expert consultants and the sooner we make companies aware of the difference between an accredited designer and someone with a Mac in their back bedroom, the sooner we will get over this perennial problem of fee expectation.

Anita Brightley-Hodges


CSD Graphics Group

Managing director

Still Waters Run Deep

London EC1

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