Separated at birth

George Church’s accusation that Seymour Powell “borrowed” from the Hoover Telios canister, (Letters, DW 31 July) at first made me think I needed a new prescription for my eyeglasses. The Rowenta design bears as much resemblance to the Hoover Zelios as do two unrelated male or female humans.

The Rowenta has a bit of R2D2 in it and is much cuter that the Hoover, which to me looks very old fashioned and a bit clumsy. The Hoover is taller than the Rowenta and has a hole in the middle of its forehead. The Rowenta has no such hole. The Hoover’s vents curve upward in a forced, cramped smile and there are eight of them as opposed to four on the Rowenta.

The parting lines of the plastic parts on each are distinctly different in place and shape, as are almost every other element of the designs.

They do both stand upright and, I assume, both function similarly; That’s about it in the resemblance department, as far as I can see.

RitaSue Siegel

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