A mix of east and west meet in a fusion of art, illustration, graphics and DJ culture at Urbanites until 3 March. Over 50 contributors from London, Tokyo and New York show different styles across many different media.

Venue: Centenary Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Road, London SE5.

Art dealer Dominic Berning lends his house to photographer Andrew Holligan, animator Eline McGeorge and installation artist Leo, who provide alternative interiors at Hope Springs Eternal, which runs until 29 March.

Venue: Dominic Berning, 1 Hoxton Street, London N1.

The work of post-war artist and poet movement Cobra is shown from 1 March until 21 April. The exhibition focuses on more than 150 paintings shown in Europe between 1948 and 1951, which were famously anti-elitist with the energy of post-war optimism.

Venue: Baltic, South Shore Road, Gateshead, NE8 3BA.

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