Surbiton smiles on local dentist

Neoco Design is injecting a London dental practice with branding and interiors designed to remove some of the fear often associated with a visit to the dentist.

A brand identity and marketing strategy for the renamed Surbiton Smile Centre are unveiled tomorrow, and will be followed by a redesigned website and interiors next month. There are plans to roll out the concept and the Smile Centre motif is designed to work as the trunk of the logo.

Both the identity and interiors are designed to create a more friendly, less intimidating atmosphere for patients, says Neoco marketing director Benn Achilleas.

The consultancy is introducing warm orange and yellow colourways to interiors to create a more ‘coffee bar-type atmosphere’, he adds. ‘These colours represent friendliness, rather than the cold, clinical feel of most dental practices,’ Achilleas explains.

The project is led at Neoco by creative director Mark Walls. The group was appointed following a creative pitch in December.

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