Axis to redesign BP Amoco HQ

Interiors consultancy Axis Design Europe has been commissioned to design interiors and upgrade facilities for BP Amoco’s European headquarters in Sunbury, Middlesex.

The redesigned base is due for completion in March. It aims to accommodate extra staff and facilitate integration between BP and Amoco cultures. The two oil giants merged in December 1998.

The first stage of the site development – an overhaul of the staff restaurant – is being completed this week. On the ground floor the redesign includes a 500-seat restaurant with “market place” style food court and 150-seat adjoining coffee shop. First floor changes have involved the transformation of an old theatre into six flexible meeting rooms and a resource centre, with a cybercafé.

Axis Design Europe partner Anthony Lloyd says: “In a merger situation, the creation of an alternative environment should mean the development of an atmosphere conducive to employees’ acceptance of change. “The improvement to facilities for

BP Amoco provides a more humanistic environment, thereby encouraging staff interaction and enhancing staff morale.”

Other elements being considered by the consultancy are the redesign of the site entrance, reception building and coffee break area.

Consideration has also been given to the site’s link infrastructure, providing integrated signage and lighting along timber walkways incorporated into landscaped areas.

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