No change for SmithKline team

SmithKline Beecham will maintain business as usual for its design consultancies, as it works out the finer details of its proposed merger with Glaxo Wellcome, to create Glaxo SmithKline.

“The message this week is it is business as usual and we may not know any more until after June,” says SmithKline Beecham director of purchasing David Loesby.

The healthcare group now has a series of internal meetings planned over the coming weeks to assess how a merger would be implemented.

What is not as yet clear is whether the SmithKline Beecham design roster will come up for a review, nor whether its consumer healthcare division will retain all of its existing brands (DW 21 January).

“There will be a series of company briefings and announcements to keep people informed,” adds Loesby.

Whether there will be a significant shift of design work to the US is also unclear.

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