You must be flexible to gain the first foothold

With reference to the current speculation surrounding the existence of female product designers, the truth is that we are thin on the ground, but certainly not extinct.

My 18 year career as a (female) product designer has been spent out of the limelight, but never out of work.

Like any female professional, I would hate my gender to limit the type of project that I am commissioned to work on, and I am pleased to say that I have contributed to the design of a huge variety of products.

It has always been difficult for aspiring product designers to gain that essential first foothold. Mine came from Conran Associates, in the form of two weeks work, which turned into two years.

I agree with Robin Willott (Letters, 21 January) that flexibility is really the key.

However, some may take heart that with talent, perseverance and that first break, product design remains an attainable and rewarding career.

Laurel Miller


a.m. associates


TW11 8EZ

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