Brandhouse WTS steams Chaya

TATA-Tetley is launching a range of chai tea products, Chaya, with a brand identity and packaging created by Brandhouse WTS.

The drinks, based on green, black or red tea, made with steamed milk and served in the style of a ‘latte’, will be on sale in more than 100 independent UK cafés and coffee bars from the end of this month.

Brandhouse WTS was appointed to develop the identity in November, as part of a strategy to challenge the current high street coffee culture.

The packaging uses a range of shots taken by photojournalist Ramu Aravindan and features vibrant ‘indulgent colours’ to suggest a swirling infusion.

According to Matt Small, account director at Brandhouse WTS, ‘This project was a big brand journey. The product is very different from most people’s perception of tea. The challenge was to develop a brand that communicated this difference and [will] establish it as a credible, new alternative to coffee.’

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