E4 viewers relax with a Poke Mood Mixer

Interactive design group Poke has launched a quirky mp3 generator called Mood Mixer, commissioned by TV station E4.

Poke was appointed in December 2004 and began the project, believed to be the first of its kind, by designing software to deliver the audio files.

The E4 Mood Mixer is part of a Poke-designed website promoting the channel’s newly launched 9pm slot, www.9thing.com.

Poke creative director Nik Roope says the idea is for E4 viewers to build their own personal relaxation mp3 audio file, which they can play back on an iPod or a computer after work. ‘You fill in your name and e-mail address on the website, then answer a series of daft questions,’ he says. ‘Your answers are sent to a server and then you are e-mailed a weblink, which lets you download your talking relaxation file. It’s a bit of fun to remind you there is life beyond the nine to five.’

The Mood Mixer delivers its vatic messages via a strange, computer-generated voice interwoven with ambient music. It aims to ‘unwind your mind and get you in the mood for your favourite programme’.

The rest of the website features sections such as Dine for Nine – a guide to TV dinners, Interruptor Disruptor – which contains answerphone messages for more peaceful TV viewing, and Bish Bash Boss – an on-line game designed to relieve stress, which lets you virtually slap a dummy of your boss around with a green fish.

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