D&AD could tackle moral and ethical issues and promote higher ed

With regard to its ’campaigning’ aims, D&AD should think about the morality of games promoting killing, which fall into the hands of children.

It should ban consultancies and packaging companies that help promote foods high in fat, salt and sugar aimed at children. It should think twice before sending out acres of print material and packaging when our industry communicates digitally. It needs to lobby supermarkets to adopt honest health labelling and add an ethical and moral dimension to its mission and criteria.

Mike Dempsey, is founder of Studio Dempsey, London, EC1, and a former president of D&AD

For the past couple of months I’ve been hearing very depressing stories of course cutbacks and closures in some of the very best design schools around the country, as they struggle with government cuts.

Given D&AD’s laudable history of committed support to design education, there can currently be no greater deserving focus for its campaigning zeal than to reinforce the protest against the rise in student fees and to lobby Government to recognise the regenerative value of supporting high standards of design education.

Tim Molloy, Head of creative direction,
Science Museum, London, SW1

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