D&AD says it is aiming to become a more ’campaigning’ organisation. What issueswould you like to see it tackle and why?


I really do hope that ’campaigning’ doesn’t mean yet more lobbying and cosying up to Government? I would like to see D&AD as an active campaigner in two areas. First, to champion the engagement of ordinary people – citizen consumers with design. Second, given D&AD’s strong reputation and experience within education, to be more active in the delivery of UK design education to some of those overseas markets, where the real creative action is likely to be in the future.
Rodney Fitch, Consultant


Thanks to its new remit, I have a renewed interest in the D&AD where for years smaller consultancies have felt left out by an organisation championing our industry. I believe that it’s in the interests of D&AD to be a voice and educate SMEs, start-ups and graduates about important ’grass roots’ issues (most importantly: overcoming the fear of saying ’no’ to the ’free pitch’). It’s one thing to celebrate creativity: it’s another to instil the notion that design gives value, and has value.
Paul West, Founder, Form


D&AD’s in danger of being just a back-slapping organisation in a self-congratulatory bubble. It should open its eyes and start fighting against free pitching and the rampant wage slavery in the business such as unpaid internships. It should be campaigning to stop the education cuts, and encouraging creatives to solve the serious issues of the day like climate change. The creative industries need one voice to speak up and be noticed, not just to give out gongs and order more champagne.
Michael Johnson, Co-founder, Johnson Banks


It’s a bit obvious, but D&AD has a clear opportunity – obligation – to campaign for Greener design. Mike Dempsey rightly questioned the Annual, and rather un-Green projects like the 2007 Flag. I’d love to see D&AD leading the way towards a ’cradle to cradle’ philosophy, encouraging environmental effectiveness in every area of design. Writers like me aren’t off the hook either: we have the potential to change attitudes and behaviours.
Mike Reed, Founder, Reed Words


Universities are chock-a-block and ratios of students to tutors have gone crazy, as much as 37:1. The poor universities are being forced into this situation to survive, but it’s not actually doing anyone any good. There aren’t enough jobs available in the design industry. D&AD would do well to lead a call for change.
David Kimpton, Creative director, Kimpton Creative

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