Branding at haste and we all repent at our leisure

Damn. Another new high-profile name, Consignia, has belly-flopped into the post box marked ‘waste of money’ by the general public.

While you could argue that the demise of the name is a result of the business issues which beset our postal services, the episode still reflects poorly on our industry. There has been a lack of foresight, with the brand rolled out prematurely to paper over the cracks.

Those of us preaching the ‘brand value is a business asset’ mantra to SMEs now face an even steeper uphill struggle.

Meanwhile, Wolff Olins has created Monday. While I have no knowledge of the strategy behind the solution, I hope that its refusal to comment is not a belated realisation that Monday is often mocked as the worst day of the week. Do I smell another Consignia?

Antony Gore

Creative director


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