Fitch exodus benefits Enterprise IG

The defection of Fitch London staff to the Enterprise IG network continues with news this week that Fitch creative director Steve Haggarty is leaving to join Enterprise IG Brand Experience.

Haggarty will be working with Enterprise IG Brand Experience chief executive officer John Harrison, previously chief executive of Fitch; David Fraser, who joins as managing director next month from Heron International; and Andy Myring, who joined from Nike and is now brand design director.

Haggarty has worked with Fitch for seven years and was recently promoted to creative director from one of four design directors.

Fitch chief executive Jane Simmonds says his move is ‘disappointing for us’, but that it is ‘flattering that a number of our people are being hotly pursued’. She and managing creative director Tim Greenhalgh are looking to replace him and will be ‘talking to people internally and externally’.

Harrison says, ‘Having worked with Steve for many years, I know he represents the best of a new generation of brand designer who can articulate brand in design.’

The announcement of Haggarty’s departure follows last week’s news that former Fitch managing director John Mathers is to be managing director of Enterprise IG subsidiary BrownKSDP.

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