Lambie-Nairn makes Newsnight headlines

Lambie-Nairn has carried out a design makeover of Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, which was unveiled for the first time on Monday 24 June.

The aim of the revamp is to bring the design of the title sequence, end credits, graphics packages and studio set closer to core BBC News branding, with a brighter and more theatrical look.

Lambie-Nairn creative director Martin Lambie-Nairn says, ‘The brief required us to identify Newsnight as part of the BBC News family, [but] at the same time show that it was not a news bulletin, but a current affairs programme, with its own qualities.’

‘The solution includes the BBC News circular motifs, which form the basis of the set, giving the programme a sense of forum and discussion. The graphics retain the familiar globe and crescent, reinterpreting the BBC News visual language.’

The consultancy has stipulated certain generic formats and a Gill typeface for the graphics, which will be used by the programme team in creating their own packages. ‘The story dictates the style,’ says Lambie-Nairn.

Newsnight editor George Entwhistle adds, ‘After several years’ excellent service, Newsnight’s existing set was starting to creak a bit. [The new set] is a real step forward – cleaner and much less cluttered.’

Freelance set designer Chris Webster, previously responsible for the look of the Liquid News studio, worked with Lambie-Nairn on the project. The group won the work without a pitch.

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