Onken’s BioPots by Davies Hall

Davies Hall has redesigned packaging for Onken Dairy’s BioPot range and revamped the manufacturer’s website.

The consultancy has reworked graphics and colours and introduced fruit photography across the range, which includes 12 yoghurts. The work launches this week.

Davies Hall has also improved navigation of the website and redesigned its look and feel, which has been inspired by the BioPot design work. The website relaunched last week.

The brief for the BioPot repackaging project was to ensure that the range is brought into line with ‘contemporary styles’, says Davies Hall creative director Robin Hall. The new design is a significant departure from the previous image, created in Germany.

‘Onken Dairy prides itself on its fruit content so we have made the fruit the core image and brought out the freshness in it. Before, the pack was all illustration and we have used photography, and colours have also changed significantly. We have lost the shield device, which was part of the heritage of the pack, and that is quite a big thing for [Onken Dairy],’ says Hall.

‘Having also done the site, which is much more editorial now and incorporates the look of the BioPot designs, we are able to start building more of an overall brand look for them,’ he adds.

Davies Hall has been Onken Dairy’s incumbent design consultancy for the past six years.

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