Redhouse Lane designs report for Royal Parks

The Royal Parks Agency, which oversees some of London’s best-known green spaces, will publish its annual report next month, created by Redhouse Lane.

The report aims to build on the prominence that Green Park achieved through being a key site for the recent Jubilee celebrations, says Redhouse Lane creative director Raf Amato.

The design, which is based around the theme Take a Closer Look, features macro images of the various social activities that take place in the park, says Amato. Photographer Giles Barnard is responsible for the images.

Royal Parks head of marketing Nikki Straughan adds, ‘We need to emphasise that the parks are national and international assets.’

Designer Jacqueline Stead, who created the concept, says, ‘The message we want to get across is that the Royal Parks are for all.’

Redhouse Lane was appointed after a three-way creative pitch.

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