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Last week New West End Company launched with an identity by Alan Fletcher and a will to follow New York’s example and clean up London (DW 20 June). What would you put on top of its agenda and why?

‘The main problem with Regent Street and Oxford Street is the lack of space. The pavements are just not wide enough to take the weekend crowds. Having experienced the delight of seeing the traffic excluded from the West End during the Golden Jubilee celebrations, I wondered if the same would be possible every weekend on Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street? These streets would then become destinations of delight rather than terrible punishments.’

Christophe Egret, Director, Alsop Architects

‘Next time you travel on a double-decker bus through the streets of London, take a look at all the decaying architecture that is on its last legs and will soon be a distant memory if something is not done soon. I would like to see an initiative set up that focuses on the regeneration of these buildings – residential or commercial – and restore them to their former glory.’

Steve Royle, Designer, Astound

‘Fast Food Fines. Any franchise that enables the lazy eater not to only clog up their own arteries, but the streets of our fair city, needs a quick colonic cleanse. Either swallow the packaging or get fined.’

Simon Waterfall, Designer, Poke

‘Illegal mini cabs, public transport clogged with tourists, rose sellers at traffic lights, tatty bargain basements, greasy little cafés, buskers, drugs, filth and seedy massage parlours are all things I love about central London. So, let’s crack down on the mediocrity of franchise outlets lining the streets and retain some contrasts in our city. A total brand experience is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there, would you?’

Peter Hale, Director, GBH

‘The first thing we thought of was a way to make chewing gum look pretty when you spit it out or declaring pigeons a national delicacy so everyone will want to eat them. But it has to be waste and how to deal with it – Oxford Street is like a clogged artery. The problem is that people don’t realise what a potential resource it is. The wrong materials and poor strategy have encouraged waste in London. Design can change that.’

Piers Roberts and Rory Dodd, Founders, Designersblock

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