Andersen hives off design unit

Andersen Consulting’s design arm, Creative Design Services, is being separated from the business and technology consultancy and may be sold to Sampson Tyrrell Enterprise or another design group.

Andersen Consulting “has done a strategic review of [its] internal design function and is investigating a number of options, one of which is outsourcing the function,” says an Andersen Consulting spokesman. “However, nothing has yet been finalised,” he adds.

He declines to say if a deal is being struck with another design group to buy the team.

Sampson Tyrrell Enterprise is believed to be in talks with Andersen. But a spokesman is unwilling to comment beyond saying: “If there is anything to say it should come from Andersen.”

Creative Design Services has six designers and it services Andersen Consulting, its parent company Arthur Andersen and external clients.

“The negotiations for the separation are still underway,” says creative director John Thompson.

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