A deep situation, so Brand Council stays shallow

In the manner of the immortal post-11 September 2001 headline, ‘A Shattered Nation Longs to Care About Stupid Bullshit Again’ ( The Onion), it’s good to know that while Iraqi life turns into a bad Oliver Stone movie – and global diplomacy has been chucked in a corner like an oily rag – some people still give a toss about the ‘brand characteristics’ of their ‘favourite personalities’.

The Brand Council – nuh, Beavis, whut like the Security Council? – says 37 per cent of consumers link David Beckham with Huggies (‘perhaps this is due to his paternal image’) and 34 per cent think of Ricky Gervais and EasyJet in the same breath – you might hold yours if David Brent is the pilot.

Anyway, more of this frivolity, part of the Consumer Superbrands Tribute Event, can be found at the Brand Council’s website www.thebrandcouncil. org. It’s the UK’s ‘brand Oscars’ apparently.

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