CSD Scotland acknowledges local heroes

THOUGH it has launched an international awards scheme, the Chartered Society of Designers Scotland is not planning to move away from the CSD, says Adrian Searle, secretary for CSD Scotland.

Searle says: “We are establishing a higher profile for CSD Scotland in tandem with an increase in self-identity.”

CSD Scotland announced the nominations for its inaugural CSD Scotland International Design Award this week. The winner will be named at the Scottish Design Awards tomorrow.

The award aims to recognise the outstanding achievements of Scottish-trained designers who have spent part or the majority of their careers working outside Scotland.

All three nominees for the new award trained at Glasgow School of Art and include Tom Scott, design director of Ford’s advanced design studio in Detroit and vice-chairman of Italian design subsidiary Ghia; David Law, founding partner of Speck Product Design in California; and Wolff Olins executive creative director Doug Hamilton.

“The award should help re-establish links with Scottish designers working abroad whose knowledge and experience can be of great benefit to designers at home,” says Searle.

The CSD will present the prestigious Minerva Medal to Italian designer Alberto Alessi on 18 June. The award is to celebrate Alessi’s lifetime achievements in the design industry.

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