Tea time for Design House with Ch’a brand

Food giant Van den Bergh has opened the first in a planned chain of Ch’a teashops, in Brighton, as created by Design House.

The opening is part of a drive to provide an alternative to the growing number of US-style coffee shops spreading across the country. It also creates a high street presence for the Brooke Bond tea brand, owned by Van den Bergh.

Design House has developed an identity, using a logo created from tea leaves, interiors and product packaging for the venture. Tea leaf symbolism is used throughout, and the identity is endorsed with the Brooke Bond logo. Interiors use a green and yellow colour palette, selected to give warm and natural connotations.

The chain will attempt to use humour to distance itself from US-style alternatives, with tea-based catchphrases used on posters and packaging, and elements such as teaspoon door handles.

“It is an integration of powerful graphics and interiors that reflects the classic qualities of tea: rejuvenating, relaxing and reviving,” says Design House creative director Mike Booth. “The whole experience is intended to be lively, but calming while offering humour to customers.”

“Ch’a draws on the history, heritage and power of tea as a cultural icon and cornerstone of British life,” says Van den Bergh product group manager Peter Boucher.

The chain also features a new machine, the tea-bird, created by Design Bridge and Design Stream. The companies claim it makes a superior cup of tea.

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