Motorola’s new twist on handsets

Motorola is poised to launch the V80 next month, its latest mobile handset, featuring an innovative branding device.

With a swivel-style front cover that builds on the design of the first ‘rotator’ in the market, the V70, the phone was created in-house by Motorola’s head of handset design, Iulius Lucaci.

Light plays an important part in projecting an edge to the phone’s branding, says Lucaci. ‘Contextual lighting creates brand gravity, since the product is recognisable at night without [seeing] the Motorola logo.

‘Information lighting is key to all Motorola products going forward across global platforms.’

Drawing on discoveries in the area of transparent concrete, Lucaci was able to create a chrome ring that is illuminated from beneath. ‘I wanted to light up metal, which is impossible, yet magical,’ he explains.

The tri-band handset also features an embedded VGA camera, photo-messaging and Bluetooth wireless technology. It will be distributed across Europe, starting in the UK later next month and will retail for around £150.

Motorola has also developed a handset that incorporates Push-to-Talk technology, a system that connects users instantly to one another.

To promote the launch of the P2T service, Motorola teamed up with the Hip Hop Immortals II exhibition in Camden’s Proud Gallery in London.

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