Pixel perfect

Yolanda Zappaterra finds inspiration and vitality at this year’s Onedotzero festival.

It’s such a wide-ranging approach to the idea of ‘digital’ art that has driven Onedotzero from its inception. ‘When Onedotzero was established eight years ago, desktop digital tools were in their infancy, and the festival was [set up] to be a playground for non-traditional filmmakers experimenting with new digital tools – a sensibility that remains at the festival’s core,’ says Doyle.

Onedotzero’s ‘adventures in moving image’ may sound, well, like a boy’s (and a few girl’s, hopefully) own adventure, but assuming you’re not going to take Walter’s advice and ‘set up camp for ten days to see it all’, what are the highlights? Well, the aforementioned Innervisions events all sound excellent – from the Anatomy of a Production Company focus on internationally acclaimed Partizan to Face Value in which Jamie Hewlitt, James Jarvis and Pete Fowler discuss character design and motion. In the film programme, the core threads feature some fantastic standout pieces, including: Jonas Odell’s promo for Franz Ferdinand and Woof Wan Bau’s masterly comic strip-influenced work for Ikara Colt (both in Wavelength); Mashima Riichiro’s completely bonkers 2007 Test Jump and Eric & Cruz’s sumptuous visual explosion for DJ Uppercut (in J-Star 2004); and the mesmeric visual poetry of Pleix’s Sometimes and E-Baby (in Wow & Flutter).

But don’t stop there: there are also showcases and retrospectives from Sh*te & Shynola, Ninja Tune and Hi-Res!, and international premieres including the anime adventure Dead Leaves, three episodes from master anime director Kon Satoshi’s TV series Paranoia Agent and trainer obsession in the Sneakers programme. All these elements would definitely entice me into doing a London stopover on my way back to LA, were I one of those Vuitton-wielding Cannesites.

Onedotzero8 is at the ICA from 28 May to 6 June. For up-to-date details of the programme visit www.onedotzero.com. For ticket enquiries contact the ICA box office on 020 7930 3647 or visit www.ica.org.uk

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