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Following last week’s news that Fred Perry and Firetrap are ramping up their retail presence (DW 20 May), how do you think brands better known for products than for stores can effectively make the leap to becoming retailers?

‘Good retail is always product-led. The advantage of these brands is an already strong product recognition, and an existing customer base. The challenge is to reinforce the product, with the appropriate brand environment/ experience. If the brand is designed and managed well it will become a natural step into retail and not a leap.’

Rasshied Din, Managing director, Din Associates

‘Innovative thinking. It’s not hard to create a stylish shop, but giving us a real reason to visit and an incentive to return takes a lot of work. A clearly defined vision to inspire all who come into contact with the brand is needed.’

Freddie Baveystock, Strategy & communications director, The Nest

‘A transition from multi-channel distribution to entirely solus branded stores is unlikely for most brands. Those brands moving into owned and operated retail therefore need to demonstrate to the rest of their distribution what role these stores will play in raising the value of the brand in consumers’ eyes.’

Jeff Kindleysides, Creative director, Checkland Kindleysides

‘They have to start thinking beyond their collections. What is Firetrap about and how does it offer a point of differentiation on the high street? Mid-priced brands are up against it, Top Shop does fashion better and luxury goods companies do quality and emotion better. Understand your reason for being and communicate it with clarity and strength.’

Erik Torstensson, Creative director, Saturday

‘Nike, Adidas, Paul Smith, Apple… are all manufacturer brands with successful shops. So why not Fred Perry? But a few branded shops does not a successful retailer make. The shop must combine the seamless interpretation of the Fred Perry brand values with store engineering to deliver a memorable and vivid customer experience.’

Rodney Fitch, chairman and chief executive, Fitch Worldwide

‘If products alone are to appeal to consumers, they must be fresh, innovative and relevant to their lifestyle – and the same is true for retailers.’

Chris Dewar-Dixon, Creative director, Four IV

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