New department logo released

The first of the new Government department identities has been unveiled. It was designed by the Central Office of Information for the newly created Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

COI is a Government-affiliated body and was chosen from a shortlist of two, drawn from a longer list of eight unnamed consultancies in a paid creative pitch (DW 29 August). It is also one of five consultancies shortlisted to work on the identity for the newly created Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

“The [DETR] logo brings together the two department strands in a new way. We have retained the old corporate colours and logo shapes,” says a DETR spokeswoman.

The logo will be rolled across DETR’s internal and external printed material, signage “and everything else where we want to establish our corporate presence”, says a department spokesman.

Meanwhile, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport is about to appoint a group to design its new identity (DW 7 November).

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