Sticking to the right image

A new photographer’s agency is setting up in London with the help of Bosworth Field. The consultancy has created a corporate identity and stationery system for Cornelius Scott Begg, based around a sticker system.

‘They wanted a logo which was cheap to implement but which had style and the correct image for working within the photographic industry,’ says Bosworth Field director Oliver Walker.

Most of the photographers on the books so far work in the fashion world. However, this portfolio could become broader, and the agency did not want to hamper itself with one image by having a photo as part of its identity. ‘A photo agency has to be slightly anonymous, because it represents different photographic styles,’ Walker adds.

The stickers are designed to fold over on the corner of a business card or compliment slip, giving the address and other details on the front and standard information you must include by law on the back.

The consultancy pushed CBS to go for ‘flood colour’ on the back of the stationery. It has initially been printed in three colours, and there is the option of introducing more summery hues with the changing of the seasons.

The labelling idea is a reference to the stickers found on Kodak boxes, which give details on paper inside. The lightweight stationery paper used for CBS is intended to reflect the quality of photographic paper, and be tactile. ‘We have borrowed from the language of photography but indirectly,’ says Walker. The logo is based on squares and features the aperture of a camera.

Cornelius Scott Begg will start using the identity next week.

Client: Cornelius Scott Begg

Designer: Bosworth Field

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