Brico Center takes MinTat’s lead

Minale Tattersfield is to revamp the identity and create in-store signage for Brico Center, Italy’s answer to B&Q, across its 300-strong estate, as the company tries to encourage Italian consumers to take an interest in DIY.

Most of Brico Center’s stores are located in consumerist north and central Italy, though the chain is expanding in the more traditional south, says Minale Tattersfield managing director Marcello Minale.

Owned by French retailer Leroy Merlin, Brico Center is increasing its product offer and improving its brand communications to persuade consumers to change their attitude towards DIY. ‘There’s not a strong tradition for this [type of activity] in Mediterranean countries,’ Minale adds, ‘but Brico Center is going to push it now in Italy.’

The brief is ‘not to revolutionise’ the existing identity (pictured), but build on its strengths and make sure it is properly represented in-store. ‘It’s about helping the consumer, giving them more choice and more information,’ Minale explains.

‘We want to help them gain a better experience of the place.’

The group’s team, led by Minale and associate director Peter Brown, will be briefed on Monday.

Work is likely to be guided by a ‘zoning study’ that Minale Tattersfield carried out for Brico in France, a separate but similar brand.

‘It found that people go into these huge areas in DIY stores and the signage is simply not clear,’ Minale explains. ‘They wander around aimlessly and the in-store communications are really not giving them a good understanding of what they want, or where things are.

‘As well as helping people find the right aisles, we want to increase the brand equity at the point-of-purchase.’

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