Chase Buchanan makes moves with Leap Creative

Leap Creative and Kraft Design have created an identity for London estate agent Chase Buchanan, as the company seeks to reposition itself with a more contemporary offering.

The work, launching this week, represents a six-figure investment and is the first identity overhaul since the company was formed ten years ago, says Chase Buchanan senior partner Colin Deer.

Deer says the company initially opted for a ‘very traditional design to make us look established’, which was now making it look ‘very dated and set in our ways’.

The company briefed Leap to create an identity that would appeal to the ‘middle and upper end of the market, but nothing too trendy or ultra modern that would date too quickly,’ adds Deer.

Leap, which was appointed in April after a three-way pitch, has created a website,, sale boards, a magazine, advertising and retail facias, in addition to the identity.

Leap founder Paul Barlow says the consultancy was briefed to move away from the ‘faux traditional’ image to something ‘younger and more innovative’.

‘Designing a visual identity for an estate agent is all about the most visible application, the board. It’s like petrol station graphics, you need bold colour and simple shapes that can be recognised from 100m away,’ Barlow adds.

Leap also worked with Chase Buchanan on tone of voice, moving away from a ‘big, bold and brash’ style towards a ‘tongue-in- cheek’ approach, he says.

Meanwhile, Kraft Design has created interiors, including point-of-sale displays and bespoke desks, for the company. Design director Andrew Tomlinson was creative lead on this aspect of the project.

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