27 November 2008

News in Pictures

Jawa and Midwich has created these two exploratory posters, which aim to engage the viewer by using playful typographic techniques – one with an
intricate floral pattern and the other with a hand-drawn
optical illusion.

Popular propaganda

Street art has long been plundered by the commercial mainstream, with private collectors eyeing one-off pieces and big-scale corporates weaving its quirks and isms into visual merchandising. Some wonder if this appropriation of an underground culture has stalled its evolution, with artists diluting their work to better secure commercial commissions from companies selling everything from […]

Stay green and stay ahead

Don’t let your sustainability agenda fall by the wayside,
says Duncan Daines. It could give you a competitive
edge once the recession’s over

Hive of creativity

Regeneration is achieving results in Leicester, and although there’s still some way to go, the city is home to an increasing number of designers, and its ethnic mix suggests it could become one of the most creative places in the UK, says Clare Dowdy

When the brief is ‘get a job’, what’s acceptable?

I’m a third-year graphic design student at Northumbria University. We recently completed a brief entitled ‘Make a Splash’, aimed at helping us to think about what we want to do and how to market ourselves to prospective employers. I decided to make my brief ‘live’ by targeting a design consultancy I want to work for. […]


What is your favourite piece of public art in the UK, and why? The mirrored, winged Pegasus by Andrew Logan. It stands grandly on an island in the middle of the road on the Dudley bypass. Its wings, covered with facets of mirror, glisten and sparkle in the daylight, or look cheerful in the rain. […]

Picasso – unsung hero of modern-day commercial design

You posed the question, ‘If you could work with an artist, who would it be and why?’ (Voxpop, DW 9 October). For me, it would have to be Pablo Picasso. While he was able to create great masterpieces in more traditional artistic styles, by launching the Cubist movement he took art in a totally new […]


I find my inspiration usually stems from a conversation. The dialogue with a client, a student, a colleague – usually an unexpected remark that triggers a thought, which leads to a visual journey and a clear route to solving the problem in hand.Some of my most successful projects have evolved from a remark made by […]

Making the best better

Account handlers are derided as middlemen, queering the client/creative relationship, but David Bernstein argues these unsung heroes are a designer’s best ally

News in Pictures

Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks has created an exhibition for distillery Glenfiddich using whisky barrels.

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