What is your favourite piece of public art in the UK, and why?

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The mirrored, winged Pegasus by Andrew Logan. It stands grandly on an island in the middle of the road on the Dudley bypass. Its wings, covered with facets of mirror, glisten and sparkle in the daylight, or look cheerful in the rain. Pegasus is a landmark than one looks forward to passing in the car. This magical horse with its wings out looks like it has just landed on the spot and is going to take off again. Sculpture is a public art form that must enter our lives – it should raise our spirits, it must be positive and it shouldn’t be ignored. This Pegasus cannot be ignored. There should be more public works like this. Thank you, Dudley Council.

Zandra Rhodes, Founder, Zandra Rhodes Enterprises

We carried out a straw poll in the studio here and we came to the decision that our favourite public art piece at the moment is B of the Bang. We especially like its audacity, and particularly Thomas Heatherwick’s story of left-handed welders. It was widely felt that this is an extremely important piece within the landscape of public realm interventions.

Jason Bruges, Founder, Jason Bruges Studio

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