27 October 2005

Cover story

Acclaimed English novelist Anthony Powell’s vivid imagination is reflected on the covers of his books, by illustrators such as Sir Osbert Lancaster and Mark Boxer. Dominic Lutyens previews an exhibition depicting his life and work HAVING initially dreamed of being an artist, the novelist Anthony Powell (1905-2000) was, not surprisingly, closely involved in choosing the […]

Design should be treated as more than a business tool

For design read value? Richard Eisermann is obviously in the right job, working in a quango for a Government that would seek to justify everything – even something as preciously diverse as design – by measurement (Comment, DW 13 October). It is yet another step on the road to the commoditisation of something that should […]

Ghost in the machine

When it comes to designing with numbers, or interrogating computers for their poetry, John Maeda’s digital wizardry has few peers. John Stones talks to him ahead of his first major European exhibition USING computers to design the world around us, to channel our thoughts and create our responses, has become imperceptibly natural. Digital and interactive […]

Syzygy names new creative director

Interactive group Syzygy has appointed agency.com creative director Scott Bedford as its new creative director and promoted Matthew Bagwell to pan-European executive creative director.

Strength in numbers

Designers from all over the UK should form regional groups to raise awareness and fight design’s cause, says David Revell When I moved away from Cornwall, to study at Central St Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, I didn’t think I’d be able to return and put the skills […]

Design activist

I enjoyed Jim Davies’ article about specialising in a niche market, in order to stand out from the crowd (Private View, DW 20 October). This is what I have done and it’s working for me. I have successfully married my interest in environmental issues with my skills in graphic design, to provide a specialist communications […]

Rose tangles with Rousseau for Tate Modern

Rose has designed the exhibition graphics, marketing and advertising campaigns and catalogue for Henri Rousseau/ Jungle in Paris, the Tate Modern’s major winter exhibition, which opens next week. The work uses details from two of Rousseau’s most popular works and intertwines typography with the foliage in the paintings, ’emphasising the camouflaged aspect of Rousseau’s work’, […]

Profile: Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey, the new Master of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry, is keen to raise its profile and instigate change. Hugh Pearman talks to him about harnessing the power of the Royal Designers. We meet, at Dempsey’s request, on neutral ground. By interviewing designers in their studios, you get a feel for their […]

Halcyon days

Should art school prepare designers for the real world? David Bernstein argues that those years of freedom are precious and ought to be used wisely

Dixon plugs in Light Box exhibition

Tom Dixon is planning to unveil an ‘exhibition concept’ called Light Box at the start of next year. It will be launched at The Lighting Show 2006, which takes place at the Birmingham NEC from 22-25 January.Light Box will be shown alongside Dixon’s other lighting collections, including the Mirror Ball collection, Copper Shade, Cone Light, […]

Jewellery stores get new look

To attract younger customers, the jewellery quarter is reinventing itself with new interior designs. Sarah Balmond goes shopping Buying a piece of jewellery – from seeing the coveted item winking out at you from beneath glass cabinets, to the salesperson offering you a closer inspection – has traditionally been a far more thrilling experience than […]

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