CDT rebrands RDI as Dempsey takes helm

The Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry is set to relaunch as Royal Designers next week, with an identity by CDT Design.

The work will be introduced to coincide with CDT founding partner Mike Dempsey’s appointment as Master of the Faculty and the announcement of a new crop of Royal Designers.

The organisation will continue to be formally known as the RDI, but Dempsey hopes the use of the shortened name in the marque and in communication will help drive greater awareness of the organisation.

‘A straw poll of Royal College of Art students showed that very few knew what RDI stood for and it seemed to me that if you have to explain what RDI means, something is wrong,’ says Dempsey. ‘Royal Designers is simple shorthand that is clearer and more understandable.’

The logo will appear in six different colours to convey the multidisciplinary aspect of the organisation, which honours designers from all spectrums.

Dempsey says he plans to concentrate on building awareness of the association during his two-year tenure as Master of the Faculty.

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