Design activist

I enjoyed Jim Davies’ article about specialising in a niche market, in order to stand out from the crowd (Private View, DW 20 October).

This is what I have done and it’s working for me. I have successfully married my interest in environmental issues with my skills in graphic design, to provide a specialist communications service for ‘right-on’ organisations.

My clients enjoy the greater knowledge, insight and commitment I bring to their projects, and I enjoy knowing that I’m ‘doing my bit’.

There is a consistent thread underpinning my life and work, including everything from chaining myself to a crane to stop the import of illegally logged hardwood, to rebranding a renewable electricity supplier.

This ensures that I’m passionate about my clients’ success. How many designers can honestly say that?

Mark Epton, Designer, Advocate, Gloucestershire, GL5 1JD

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