An inclusive Design Council will be a more effective one

The Design Council has done some fantastic work to raise awareness of design within Government and industry. However, its third set of stakeholders – design practitioners – have not been sufficiently involved in the Design Council’s direction in the past.

Although Martin Temple calls for the Design Council to ’consult and ensure transparency in all dealings with the design sector’, it seems old habits die hard.

The Design Council sent an e-mail last week to everyone on its list proclaiming ’Major changes in the way we work’ and ’A new and exciting vision for our future’.

All on the right track, but then it holds us at arm’s length by ending with ’…which we’ll share with you in due course’.

You must research the needs of users and include them in the process to build an informed solution. The Design Council should not redesign itself without tapping the 232 000 opinions available to it, as well as its ’users’ .

Steve Lee, Prospect, by e-mail

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