Airline projects will be completed

The aviation industry is pressing ahead with a plethora of design projects despite the devastating effects of 11 September attacks on New York and Washington.

Many airlines and manufacturers have pledged to see existing design jobs through to completion. However, the longer term picture is more bleak.

FutureBrand is continuing to implement revised graphics for British Airways (DW 12 July) and brand concepts for Emirates. Both projects are scheduled to finish by November. Future work could be in jeopardy. ‘Both BA and Emirates could not guarantee when they would release funds for future design projects,’ says FutureBrand Corporate managing director Christopher Nurko.

Lufthansa maintains that design projects are being examined with the aim of bolstering profitability for the future, says a spokeswoman. However, it refuses to confirm whether any of its design projects, which include branding work by Landor Associates (DW 9 March) and a product, services and interiors project by Priestman Goode, have been put on hold.

Although Airbus has put plans to increase overall output on hold, it confirms that work on its superjumbo A380 mock-up is on-going. It refuses to reveal the consultancies involved. Work by Priestman Goode on first class areas was completed last year.

Priestman Goode is working on design elements for Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer Air (DW 9 March), and designs for a Heathrow Terminal 5 job. Work at Heathrow continues, as does retail brand work by Design House for Manchester Airport (DW 26 July).

Czarska’s work on Malaysia Airlines’ ticketing areas at Heathrow is expected to be completed by Christmas.

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