Blue Thumb gives bite to Ant branding

The credulity of health-obsessed go-getters looking for natural stimulants is being tested by an energy drink made of fruit juice and Chinese ants.

With identity, packaging, press advertising and a website created by Blue Thumb, the drink, which is made by Intercontinental Brands and called Ant, is being tested in pubs, clubs and off licences and is claimed to boost body cells and improve sexual performance.

The drink contains 1.6ml of a herbal formula made up of ants and two Chinese herbs, along with passion fruit, lychees, white grape, apple and lemon juice.

A spokesman for Intercontinental says, ‘Modern technology has made Ant widely available for the first time and it has become very popular in the Far East, [but], of course, it doesn’t have ants floating in it.’

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