It’s time to put scientific R&D and design together

With regard to the deal between The Renfrew Group and Ivotech (news, DW 13 September), for too long there has been a disconnect between science and technology research and development and design. This partnership is just the start I suspect, and it’s not just about the physical engineering of complex equipment.

Whether it’s the user interface design of medical equipment, or drug packaging, design is a vital component. Furthermore, design can step up to take responsibility in identifying the human value of technology and science developments.

Some £25bn for third generation licensees show how much store people have in technology solutions, without fully considering the real value of the services.

There are many opportunities for design thinking to direct our future thinking, including the health service itself. Designers will play an increasing role in identifying real needs that technology and science may provide solutions to.

Clive Grinyer

Director of design and innovation

Design Council

London WC2

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