JKD reviews Unilever Web strategy

JKD is working on a major review of Unilever’s Internet strategy, following the launch of the rebranded Unilever Bestfoods UK export site last week.

JKD, which revamped Unilever’s corporate site earlier this year, is looking at every aspect of Unilever’s on-line presence. It is due to put forward recommendations by the end of November.

‘It’s a three-year strategy. Ultimately, we do want consumers to order products on-line,’ says JKD account director Keith Rolls. ‘We are also bringing together what the different departments are doing.’

The brief for the export website was to communicate the individual value of UBUK’s brands, such as Hellman’s, Marmite, Colman’s and Flora, by allowing their Britishness to speak for itself, adds Rolls. The emphasis is on pop-up menus and printable downloads, rather than Flash animations.

The site was designed by creative director David Clegg and designer Stephen Little.

‘It’s essentially a business-to-business marketing channel at the moment’, says Rolls. ‘But in the next phase it may become a fully transactional site, depending on what feedback we get.’

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