D&AD represents only the cream of creative talent

Most creatives in the UK will have received the mailshot from D&AD informing us that we must become ‘members’ of the association if we are to receive The Annual. The leaflet talks about the work D&AD does to foster creativity throughout the UK. And yet, on closer inspection of the categories available, a large proportion of professional UK creatives are not represented. Unless, of course, you are part of the elite club of creatives so far featured in The Annual – what fraction of the creative industry would that cover – 3 or 4 per cent maybe?

The only other categories are Student or New Creative, which leaves creatives who have served the industry for many years uncatered for, or worse still having to ‘sell their soul’ and join surreptitiously as an Associate (categorised as a ‘non-creative’ ), to receive The Annual. So much for promoting the industry and inclusiveness.

All I see is an exclusive club making a conscious decision to become even more elitist and insular.

Steve Seamark, Creative director, Jupiter Design, Nottingham NG11 6DS

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