What is your favourite piece of Royal Wedding memorabilia and why?

My favourite thing is the Wills and Kate life-size cardboard cutout. It is 176cm tall. Imagine all the thousands of them all left over after the day has passed. Someone should collect them all up and put them in one place like a field or a car park or the moon and make a big Wills and Kate army as a conceptual art piece. Imagine driving past 3000 of them? Terrifying!
Mr Bingo, Illustrator

This really was a toss-up between three truly majestic contenders. First, there is the Royal Wedding sick bag, to be used after one too many cream scones on the day or a rather more public display of sarcasm you decide. In glorious second place, it has to be the Royal Wedding gnomes, quintessentially British and utterly eccentric, adorning a bungalow near you soon. But in first place it has to be my favourite, the Royal Wedding toilet seat cover I do love a bit of toilet humour, but this takes the idea of owning a royal throne and displaying your royal jewels to a whole new level.
Adam Ellis, Creative director, Elmwood

Royal Wedding memorabilia can be a bit like animal print leggings kitsch, popular in Essex and impossible to take your eyes off. My favourite pieces of Royal Wedding memorabilia are those that are aware of their kitschness and do not take themselves too seriously, like, for example, the Royal Swedish dishcloth. The couple are illustrated graphically in a single colour on the yellow cloth, their faces radiant. Who would not want to clean dishes with the Duke and Duchess of Västergötland?
Matt Dent, Creative director, Bison Bison

My favourite piece of royal memorabilia has to be the Royal Collection of commemorative china. There are so many out there, but this range is from the Royal Collection I guess it is as close as it can be to an ’official collection’. A fair bit of thought has gone into it from Prince William’s coronet to even the tissue it comes in, which is inspired by the wall hangings at Clarence House. If there is one thing to collect, this is probably it.
David Whittle, Managing director, Chilli UK

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