Acid-induced logic

Not since the writings of such philosophical icons as Kierkegaard, Sartre, Heidegger and Camus in their search for authenticity has irony been used so well to espouse an inexpressible truth. I refer to Crackdown on copycat brands (DW 1 August) and ACID and Attik’s quest for justice.

The great philosophers battled with paradox to discover underlying truths, such as that of free will. The notion of god presented issues of predetermination, hence the rejection of a god seemed the only way to liberate man from a pre-ordained destiny. There is a similar debate in quantum physics with a classical newtonian view set against multiverse theory. But perhaps here in this seemingly insignificant and banal designer conflict lies the ultimate truth.

I ponder on, toying with Attik’s obvious love for typographic play: Attik? Attick? A Tick: a small parasitic insect drawing directly from the host, a parasite, a self-seeking hanger-on. Tomato! I declared, and why not? I thought, at least 8 voiced passion for the authentic and eggknowledged the notion of a designers republic. Then it came to Me, there is a god after all, I thought. Or was it all down to another attack of existential angst? Perhaps I should stop dropping so much ACID.

Graeme Johnson

Design Association

Huddersfield HD8 8JQ

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