Is this the real world?

In response to Tony Huggett’s comments on his hunt for a talented, knowledgeable and articulate graduate designer (DW 18 August), I would like to contradict his impression that graduates know nothing of the real world.

ISO 9000, the Mir space station and the Queen’s Award for Industry may form part of the “real world” for Mr Huggett, but, as a recent design graduate who has had to survive financially on a less than adequate grant, study 12 hours a day, work part-time and live off porridge, I find it hard to believe that he expects us to be best friends with Trevor McDonald and Magnus Magnusson.

I admit our current affairs may not be up to those of Zeinab Badawi, but we know what the real world is all about and I would like to think that our employers realise they have hired intelligent, educated graduates.

Matt Buchanan

Pure Design

Edinburgh EH3 7TH

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